How to Link Your Mobile Progress of AFK Arena on PC in 2022

June 23, 2022

AFK Arena is one of Android's and iOS's more unique strategy/RPG gacha apps. The game is particularly famous for a distinctive and highly stylized art style that positively brims with personality.

For most people, that contains a want to get away from the smaller screens on phones and tablets. The ideal gaming case with AFK Arena would consist of a larger monitor.

However, AFK Arena is only officially open on iOS and Android. You have a few options to let you play AFK Arena on either PC or Mac.

But are you worried about lost progress? Do not worry. This guide will give you facts on how to link your mobile progress to your PC.

Every game player can be redeemed AFK Arena Codes while recreating it to access different resources on this platform.

What Is AFK Arena?

Emitted globally in April 2019, Lilith Games' AFK Arena is a squad role-playing game with idle RPG and turn-based RPG mechanics. It is based on 5v5 battles that are automated and don't require much input.

However, even though the war is not strategic, players can choose the hero and faction and manually activate special skills during battles. 

The core loop is clear – the battle to obtain rewards and use them to expand and upgrade your squad. There is also a storyline players move through. 

Players need to complete daily and weekly quests. Also, there are guild occasions and limited-time events. Players can also want a new PvP mode where players battle One-V-One. The latest addition is the match-3 game mode, The Wondrous Pouch, introduced in December 2020.

Link Your Mobile Progress of AFK Arena on PC

Once you have AFK Arena installed on your PC, you will probably want to continue with an existing account.

Thankfully it's pretty effortless to do so. When you create the app in the emulator, Bluestacks, or LDPlayer, it'll consider you a new player.

You must go to the game's settings to link your existing account. From there, you can click on the tab.

At that point, you can select to switch accounts. You want to change the option to whichever account authentication type you already use. This typically arrives down to using Facebook or Google.

Advantages of Playing AFK Arena on PC 

Many people might wonder why you did want to play a mobile game on your computer in the first place. People do so for quite a few other reasons.

One of the biggest comes down to screen size. AFK Arena's art design is gorgeous. But it's often hard to enjoy it on a smaller screen.

Even a tablet can feel slightly too small when you want to get fully immersive knowledge. Catching AFK Arena on your laptop or desktop's screen grabs things to a new level.

Recreating the game on your PC or Mac also allows various multitasking options.

Thanks to the larger display space, you can efficiently multitask within the emulators. For example, you can use split screens to run AFK Arena while using a second app simultaneously.

Or you can utilize AFK Arena in one window while getting other things done in another. It is primarily useful when you enjoy grinding within the game.

You are turning a mobile app into a program that can run on any PC. It unlocks as many options as there are usage scenarios for computers. Of course, the possibilities are almost endless.

Is It Possible to Play AFK Arena on Mobile and PC Simultaneously?

When logging in for the first time, the word switch might present some concerns. After all, you might not want to constantly switch to your PC or Mac for your AFK Arena gaming.

Thankfully when you use the switch feature, you are just switching to using that account within the new installation within your emulator. You're not choosing only to use AFK Arena on one platform.

After installing it on your PC, you can still play on your phone or tablet. However, there is one crucial point to maintain in mind. You can recreate AFK Arena on both your mobile and your PC. But you can not play both at the exact time.

For example, you can not control what's occurring on your PC by picking a game action on your phone.

But you can have multiple examples of the game installed on different devices. You can even play on any of those devices. But you can only have one busy game session conducted at a time.

If you test to run two-game examples at the exact time, then one of them will be logged off.

You might have a game in improvement on your phone. Then you sign into the game on your PC. You get forgetful midgame and ignore you had it running.

In that issue, the initial sample of the game running on your mobile would be signed out as you sign in on your PC. If you moved to log back into the game on your phone, the ongoing session on your computer would be logged out.

Final Note

The AFK Arena PC version combines the appeal of gacha games and idle games. It is a monetized free-to-play game. For those who accept matches as distractions during idle times, this is something that you need to try. Consider you want to play the game on PC and are worried about the lost progress. Then do not worry. This article is helpful for that reason.